April 19, 2009

My outfit from Friday. The first day in ages that has reached the temperatures of 70 degrees. I felt like a mobile sun walking around wearing this dress all day.

Yellow Skirt now Dress: Goodwill ($4)
Black Lace Bra: For Love ($1)
Brown D&G Bag: A gift
Brown Wedges: Stolen from my sister

April 15, 2009

In this shot I kind of wanted to imply the idea of confinement and breaking out of that little box. I thought it turned out rather nifty. Just give me some good lighting and I'll work my magic.

Navy Blue Blazer: ($3) Goodwill
Grey La Disptue T-shirt: (Free) Concert
Kaki Crop Pants: ($10) H&M
Brown Bag: (A Gift) Dolce and Gabbana
Shoes: ($20) Guess by Marciano from DSW Shoes

My outfit for the day btw. I'm giving these shoes another trial. They look fabulous but I'm discovering these shoes hurt like hell. The angle strap really digs into your skin over time but I'll suck it up and deal.

April 14, 2009

I absolutely love shots like this. Shooting people unawares in their natural habitat doing whatever it is that holds their attention. Yet at the same time, boy do I feel like a creeper!

I walked past this lady's window, saw her working, then proceeded to cross the street and pull out my telephoto and take a few snaps of her working. Success. I am now officially a peeping tom.

April 12, 2009

Dress: ($5) Goodwill
Shoes:($20) DSW

My outfit from the other day. This dress is so regal, Egyptian-like and beautiful in real life. This photo only does it half justice.

I just bought these amazing $70 Guess by Marciano heels from DSW the other day for $20. There were some amazing clearances but I'm already broke as it is so this was me living on the edge. They're this brownish-red hue in real life with a shiny finish. Beautiful.

April 11, 2009

Lookbook for the day:

Vivid Blue Blouse: ($3) St Vincent De Paul Thrift Store
Yellow Floral Skirt: ($10) Gadzooks
Skinny Brown Braided Belt: ($1) Goodwill
Brown Wedges: Stolen from my sister

Once I saw this blouse while thrifting I knew I had to have it. the color is so strong and blue! Plus the material feels amazing against my skin. This is a perfect outfit for the upcoming spring. I can't wait.

Every time I look at this photo it looks as if he's riding his bike through a bunch of cirrus clouds and a slighty green and yellow sky. I love having an imagination.